Appointment Creation

Helping you to build trust and credibility with your clients.

Would your sales team like more leads? Fighting to represent the biggest and best businesses is a daily challenge, let us help you fast track this process by offering a risk free, proactive approach.

Acting as an extension to your sales team, our sector specialist professionals can have high level conversations with key decision makers, promoting the benefits of your company and ultimately, giving you the chance to meet them and pitch your services in more detail.

Understanding what a ‘quality’ lead looks like to you is crucial in understanding the approach we should take.

We can be of great assistance if your services can help with any of the following:

  • Exit Strategy (Sell-side Mandate)
  • Acquisitions (Buy-side Mandate)
  • M&A Consultancy
  • Strategic Partner for growth
  • Inward Investment

Whilst your immediate attention will be on the motivated clients, we see true benefit in opening up dialogue with business owners who may need strategic help in preparing for their next move. Being involved at an early stage, allows you to build both trust and credibility with the client who is then likely to consider using your services later on down the line as the support you have given them will be deemed as invaluable.

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